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Welcome to a stylish and cozy bar

Bar Tunneli

Welcome to a stylish and cozy bar that offers a unique blend of delicious drinks, relaxing atmosphere, and entertainment. Bar Tunneli is located in a lively urban area, yet provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As you step inside, you immediately notice the warm atmosphere created by the atmospheric lighting and modern decor. We offer a wide selection of quality drinks, handpicked wines, and cold beers to satisfy every tastr preference.

Our staff is professional and friendly, ready to recommend drinks or create a special mix just for you. Additionally, we also offer small bites and snacks to complement our drink selection perfectly.

Sports and entertainment

Whether it’s the thrilling matches of football, the captivating battles of ice hockey, the live broadcasts of volleyball, or the smart competition of quizzes, we offer experiences for every taste.

For football fans, we provide a large screen that broadcasts all the major matches in real-time. The atmosphere is electric as we cheer together for goals and support our favorite teams to victory.

Ice hockey isn’t left out! You can enjoy intense battles on the big screen while indulging in refreshments and treats in a comfortable atmosphere. For quiz enthusiasts, we regularly organize fun and challenging quiz nights. Invite your friends and test your knowledge in various subjects while enjoying drinks and great company.

Come and experience unforgettable moments at Bar Tunnel, where sports, entertainment, and a great atmosphere come together!

Welcome to enjoy and relax at the casual evening gathering at Hotel Tunneli.

Come experience taste sensations in our restaurant and stay in our cozy rooms. You can also organize a meeting, training, your dream wedding, or any other memorable celebration with us.

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