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Organize the party of your dreams at Party Tunneli

With professional skill, both small and large celebrations

We organize both small and large parties with professionalism. You can celebrate birthdays, weddings, memorials, christenings, confirmations, graduation parties, and all kinds of family gatherings with us. The hall can accommodate approximately 150 diners.

We focus on memorable table settings and mouth-watering food at our events. Together with our skilled staff, we tailor the celebrations to suit you perfectly. Guests can stay in the hotel’s 22 spacious and comfortable rooms.

Accommodation is available for up to 50 people. Whether you’re hosting big or small parties, our catering service assists you from start to finish, ensuring the success of your event.

Our catering service also operates in venues chosen by the customer. We deliver the menu to the location as needed, and the service is carried out with professionalism.

Ready menus

Menu 1

  • Bread cheese salad
  • Chicken pasta salad
  • Colorful green salad with red onion vinaigrette
  • Cold smoked salmon, remoulade sauce
  • Chorizo meatballs and tzatziki
  • Chicken topped with Aura cheese cream and rice
  • Buns and cream cheese
  • Cake of your choice:
    • Cream strawberry cake
    • Cream caramel cake
    • Cream berry cake
    • Cream cake
    • Cheesecake (+ €3)

Price €33 / person + service fee if in the customer’s own premises.

The minimum group size is 30 people.

For more information, please inquire, tel. 03 51 941.

Menu 2

  • Sugar-salted salmon
  • Warm smoked salmon
  • Remoulade sauce
  • Halved eggs
  • Mozzarella and melon salad with fresh basil oil
  • Fruity chicken pasta salad
  • Mixed green salad
  • Roasted venison with blackcurrant jelly
  • Kalamata olives, marinated red onions, cocktail gherkins
  • Salad dressings
  • Barbecue marinated pork tenderloin with bacon-red onion sauce
  • Herb potatoes

Cake options of your choice:

  • Cream-strawberry cake
  • Cream-caramel cake
  • Cream-berry cake
  • Cream cake
  • Cheesecake (+ €3)

Price: €36 / person + service if at the customer’s premises.

We had a great time!

Welcome to enjoy and relax at the casual evening gathering at Hotel Tunneli.

Come experience taste sensations in our restaurant and stay in our cozy rooms. You can also organize a meeting, training, your dream wedding, or any other memorable celebration with us.

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